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Double Pitching Yeast (And Co-Pitching Explained)

Double pitching and co-pitching are two different techniques to alter the fermentation process of your beer, wine, or spirit wash. Double pitching involves adding more of the same yeast, while co-pitching is where two different yeast are mixed together to get a particular flavor, aroma, or fermentation characteristic. Both are somewhat controversial topics in the{…}

Fat Washed Gin (Try This Recipe!)

There are several creative ways to flavor your gin. From maceration and infusions to compound gin. But, if you harbor a desire for flavor beyond sweet and floral, then fat-washed gin might interest you.  Fat washing is the process of infusing a fatty substance like sesame or melted coconut oil into a spirit of your{…}

What Is Backset Distilling (Explained)

Backset, as with other terms experienced home distillers throw around, can be a confusing concept for new distillers. But, it’s quite straightforward. Backset distilling is the process of adding liquid leftover (backset) from the previous distillation to a fresh wash. The liquid is acidic, so it lowers the pH of your wash. Bacteria thrive in{…}

What Is A CCVM Still? (And How Do They Work?)

There are many different reflux still topologies, each with their own benefits and drawbacks. One of the designs that has gained popularity is the condenser-controlled vapor management still (CCVM).  A CCVM is a type of still where the distiller controls the liquid entering collecting jars by using a copper coil inserted on top of a{…}

Vevor Alcohol Still Review (Which Model Is Best)

Vevor is a brand of small alcohol stills that’s popular on Aliexpress and Amazon. They have about 16 different units in their range, each with slightly different functions, capacities or hardware. They also sell them in a variety of different sizes and with different accessories The purpose of this article is to unpack all this{…}

The Best Amylase For Brewing And Distilling (+ How To Use It)

The type of amylase used varies depending on the purpose they’re supposed to serve. While some grains, like malted barley, tend to have enough enzymatic power to convert their own starch and that of adjuncts to fermentable sugars, some grains you use only have starches suited to add flavor to the fermented drink.  When you{…}

How To Make Whiskey (A Step-by-Step Guide)

Nothing oozes more pleasure than being able to craft your own whiskey. You can play around with different grains and techniques to produce a top-shelf drop you and your friends will be proud of.  But, making whiskey from scratch can seem complicated – especially if you’ve never dipped your toes in distilling alcohol.  This is{…}

What Is Neutral Spirit (NGS Explained)

When it comes to the distilling industry, there are various ways of achieving the desired level of alcohol content in your gin and vodka. One way of attaining this is through the addition of a neutral spirit. Neutral spirit is odorless and flavorless alcohol. It adds a lot of convenience for spirit producers wanting to{…}

What Does Baijiu Taste Like? (Explained!) 

One thing that most spirits devourers can tell you about baijiu is that it’s a liquor unlike anything else. It’s commonly known as a pungent drink, but very few people have actually nailed down its exact taste. This is because there are various elements that go into making this well-rounded drink. Factors like the type{…}