The 5 Best Mobile Apps For Gin Lovers (In 2023)

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Gin is no longer a drink for little old ladies, it’s hit the mainstream and in the last few years has developed a cult-like status.

And with that status comes the challenge of keeping track of which gins are great, which ones aren’t, and what to try next. 

Being unashamed gin snobs, it’s hard work keeping track of everything gin. These apps make it easy to record what you’ve tasted, get a recommendation on what to try next, and even help you order your next bottle! Some apps let you share what you’re drinking with friends, and other help you analyze the botanical profile of your Bombay.

We surveyed our mailing list to find out exactly what apps you all are using. Below are the 5 best mobile apps for gin lovers available in 2023:

  1. GINferno (Our Pick)
  2. Ginventory (Runner Up)
  3. Flaviar
  4. Juniper
  5. Gin Tasting

This article will cover what these popular apps do, so you can decide if you want to try them today.

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1. GINferno (Our Pick)

GINferno and Ginventory are arguably the two most popular gin apps on the market today, and we think GINferno has a slight edge with currently ~12,000 gins listed (versus Ginventory’s ~7,500).

We particularly love how GINferno also has a database for mixers and garnishes so it’s super easy to create a list of your own favorite gin and tonic combinations and cocktails.

There is also a feature where you can share your selections with your friends and family. A service that we particularly liked was the option to receive serving suggestions both from the distilleries as well as from the experienced staff at Ginferno.

Image of ginferno screenshot

You can create a wish list of your favorite gins and even set up virtual tasting rooms. By creating events and connecting with online gin retailers, you can offer an exciting experience for your friends totally remotely.

GINFerno claims to be the largest gin library in the world now with 12,000 gins as well as a list of more than 1200 mixers. If you’re looking for unique garnishes, then Ginferno has over 200 to choose from.

We think you’ll like the option of creating your own bar stocked with all your favorites!


  • Over 12,000 gins
  • Gin, Mixer, Garnish database
  • Over 150,000 downloads across apple and android
  • Share recipes with friends
  • Get recommendations from distilleries
  • Tasting room for events with friends of for commercial gin tastings
  • Wish-list
  • Lightning-fast support.


  • GINferno stays up to date! They normally reply within 24 hours and get new gins added within 72 hours!

You can also check out their Instagram to stay up to date with new releases and get their ‘gin of the week’

Image of ginferno app screenshot track your gin drinking

2. Ginventory

Ginventory is arguably the most popular and downloaded gin app available. It covers all the bases in providing a guide to Gin & Tonic from around the world as well as offering search functionality.

You can rate the gins in your collection and add them to a wish list for purchase later or for further investigation.

It has recommendations on pairing your favorite gin, including tonics and garnishes, and suggestions on how best to serve cocktails. You can keep a personal cabinet of your favorites that you can share with your friends and family.


  • A Searchable Library – There’s a searchable library of spirits. This allows you to select how you wish to search by name or by botanicals.
    You’ll then have access to a full selection of various gins, tonics, and garnishes that will add to your tasting experience.
    The library contains over 1500 gins and more than 100 tonic selections. And if that’s not enough, you can edit the selections and add your own suggestions as well.
  • Add Tasting Notes – App users report being extremely happy with the facility for adding gin tasting notes, expanding on commentaries about new finds, as well as being able to keep track of exact recipes and mixes.
    Of all the apps we researched, this is the one that checks all the boxes and is well worth downloading. You can order directly from suppliers through the app partner stores for added convenience.
Image of ginventory screenshot gin tasting app

3. Flaviar

While Flaviar is not aimed specifically at gin aficionados, it offers an impressive selection of gins and garnishes.

It is geared to help anyone who loves spirits to increase their knowledge and gain exposure to unusual and exciting new drinks.

They offer unique “flavor spirals” to help you experience a more three-dimensional take on the aroma and flavor of each gin and combination.

You can build a bar and stock it with your favorites as well as obtain a curated mini-spirit tasting pack.

Apart from the benefits of bumping virtual shoulders with thousands of gin lovers, you get access to special member-only offerings. These are hand-selected by the Flaviar experts, who create these special combinations that are exclusive to members.

We highly recommend that you try the members’ tasting boxes that offer new flavors that are fun to explore.

4. Juniper

Juniper offers gin fans a one-stop-shop for all things gin.

A feature that we think you’ll greatly appreciate is the GPS map that offers directions and suggestions to bars, distilleries, and stores that have gin available.

You can use the bar code reader embedded in the app to obtain detailed information and tasting notes. This is a fantastic option that gives you much more freedom to experience new flavors without going in blind.

An archive feature allows you to make detailed observations about each of the gins you’ve tried together with t\sting notes that detail garnishes and recipes. This option is a great help when deciding on which flavors you want to try next and from which distilleries you can get them.

The app carries a database of over 500 gins from around the world and the list keeps growing.

The app is aimed at the new1 gin lover and covers the basics very well. More seasoned gin lovers will perhaps look for more advanced features in a gin app.

Image of juniper gin tracking and tasting app sreenshot

5. Gin Tasting

The Gin Tasting app allows you to create a tasting file unique to you.

Its database can be populated with your tasting notes to keep track of the aromas, flavors, and botanicals as well as give each a rating.

The option to list these notes in tabular form makes comparisons very easy and is a cleverly crafted feature that you’ll come to love.

There is also a very detailed listing of suggested options which makes coming up with the best description much easier. This is especially helpful if this is your first foray into keeping gin-tasting notes.

There are over 100 flavors and aromas listed, so you’ll never be at a loss for words. We like the slider option for rating the nose, palate, and body of each gin, as well as the options for balance, feel, and finish.

It is, unfortunately, only available for Apple users.

Image of gin tasting app for recording gin flavors sreenshot


We hope you’ve enjoyed our roundup of the best apps for gin lovers.

GINferno and Ginventory are both great places to learn about new gins, rate them, and share them with your friends while Flaviar and Gin Tasting really help with the tasting side of gin – helping you hone your palete. Juniper

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