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What Is Backset Distilling (Explained)

Image of diy distilling what is backset distilling

Backset, as with other terms experienced home distillers throw around, can be a confusing concept for new distillers. But, it’s quite straightforward. Backset distilling is the process of adding liquid leftover (backset) from the previous distillation to a fresh wash. The liquid is acidic, so it lowers the pH of your wash. Bacteria thrive in{…}

Freeze Distillation (Try This!)

Image of diy distilling how to freeze distill alcohol

Distilling with a alembic or column still is awesome, but you need a lot of expensive equipment, and it’s unfortunately still illegal in many parts of the world. So what can you do instead? Freeze distillation is the process of lowering the temperature of your liquor until the water component freezes but the alcohol stays{…}

How To Filter Alcohol (Is Carbon Filtering Worth It?)

Image of diy distilling how to filter alcohol is carbon filtering worth it

Filtering of homemade spirits is about as polarising as politics. Some are adamant you have to, and others will tell you ‘it’s all a hoax‘. Even commercial spirits will advertise that they are “triple filtered” to bolster rapport.  So should you filter alcohol? Is it an essential step to producing a smooth drink or does{…}

How To Make Cuts When Distilling (Distilling Cuts Chart)

Image of diy distilling how to make cuts when distilling

Making cuts as a beginner can be quite intimidating.  With the potential of collecting methanol in your jars, it can be frustrating to try to understand when to make cuts, considering every home distiller has its own technique for making cuts. To make cuts, it’s best to use labeled collecting jars and blend afterward. Use{…}

Why Is My Alcohol Freezing? (Check This!)

Image of diy distilling how to stop alcohol freezing

You’ve probably heard of freezing alcohol and want to find out why that happens. Or, you’ve just had this phenomenon happen to you and want to find out why your alcohol froze.  Alcohol freezer due to the low alcohol content (ABV) of your drink, and the temperature of your freezer. Alcohol is made of ethanol{…}

What Is The Easiest Alcohol To Make At Home

Image of diy distilling whats the easiest alcohol to make at home

Sometimes you just want a good glass of your favorite alcohol after a long day or week. And the last thing you need is to be told you need special equipment to brew your drink. Luckily for you, there are various kinds of alcohol you can make with a few store-bought ingredients and equipment you{…}

When Should I Stop Running A Still? (Answered!)

When you’re new to the hobby of distilling there’s a lot of decisions to make and not much information out there that’s easy to find. I know for myself, that even this decision of when to stop running my still was baffling and I second guessed myself a lot. In this article we’re going to{…}

Why Is My Moonshine Cloudy? (How to Fix Cloudy Distillate)

Image of diy distilling troubleshooting why moonshine is cloudy

So, you’re finally done with your spirit run and can’t wait to get your hands (and mouth) on your homemade hooch.  Did your distillate came out of the condenser with a funny-looking color? Or did you dilute with water only for it to take on a milky complexion? Don’t be disheartened. This is a common{…}

What Is Louching? (How To Fix Cloudy Distillate)

Image of diy distilling what is louching

Most distillers will tell you that nothing screams satisfaction like a flavorful drink. But these aroma-filled oils can take a different turn and give you a cloudy distillate – an effect that arises from louching. Although this is a fascinating phenomenon to look at, not every distiller is fond of haze in their drinks. Louching{…}

What Is Neutral Spirit (Grain Neutral Spirit Explained)

Image of diy distilling what is neutral spirits ngs gns ethanol

When it comes to the distilling industry, there are various ways of achieving the desired level of alcohol content in your gin and vodka. One way of attaining this is through the addition of a neutral spirit. Neutral spirit is odorless and flavorless alcohol. It adds a lot of convenience for spirit producers wanting to{…}

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