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DIY Distiling

There’s nothing more satisfying than making something yourself, from scratch, using nothing but a handful of raw ingredients.

Whether that’s a home baked loaf of sourdough bread (COVID lockdown, anyone?) or framing up a new deck out the front of your house – it’s so fulfilling to stand back and say you made this.

I got into brewing and distilling over a decade ago. For me, it’s the combination of science and engineering, understanding azeotropes and temperature control, with the artistry of balancing flavors and ingredients.

There’s also a certain magic with distilling where what goes in isn’t what comes out. I had to figure out WHY this is.

Here at DIY Distilling, my partner, myself, and our expert team of writers (who are mostly fellow hobbyists themselves) want to create the best free resource on the internet to help you on your distilling journey – so you don’t have to make the same mistakes we did. A resource that answers the questions we WISH we were told 10 years ago!

We sincerely hope you find this site helpful, and please don’t hesitate to get in touch with any questions, suggestions, or recommendations you may have. Cheers! 🍸


Who are we?

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Founder / Writer

Hi, I’m Tristan and I’ve been distilling for more than 12 years now. I build my first still from an old beer keg and some copper pipe, and now have more distilling hardware than I care to admit! My favorite cocktail is a Negroni.

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My interest in distilling started while mixing cocktails during college. I’ve now bought two small stills and make my own whiskey, tequila, and more gin than I can remember (whoops!). 

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Admin / Socials


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Nonkululeko is a beverage writer with a love for all things boozy. She enjoys offering home distillers practical tips to craft their own high-quality spirits from the comfort of their homes. Connect with her on LinkedIn.

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