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What Is A Sour Mash (For Making Whiskey And Rum)?

Whether or not sour mashing creates a better-tasting drink is a controversial topic. While some distillers opt for the regular mash route because they believe it produces a cleaner and smoother final product, some still enjoy using a sour mash because it balances the pH of the wash and creates consistent flavors for every bottle{…}

The Best Yeasts For Distilling (Our Top 4!)

There are currently over 1500 varieties of yeast available to choose from. But yeast is yeast, right? Well while they may all seem similar enough, there are plenty of differences you should be aware of. Some yeast types perform better than others based on the ingredients you’re fermenting. Others impart unique flavors that are critical{…}

The 7 Best Books For Rum Lovers (Our Top Picks in 2023!)

Oh, the sweet and toasty taste of our beloved rum. A treasured liquor that has been around for 60 years, having originated from the West Indies. In those 60 years, well-known experts, and self-taught lovers of rum have come to have extensive knowledge of the strong drink. Said individuals have been generous to share that{…}

How Much Methanol Is There In Whiskey? (And Other Alcoholic Drinks)

In this article, we’re going to look at how much methanol there is in Whiskey and other standard alcoholic drinks.  All fermentation will result in a small amount of methanol being produced, which can be carried through to the final product, and concentrated through distillation. Fermentations of ingredients with a high level of pectin, such{…}

Which Alcohol Is Least Harmful To Your Liver?

Alcohol is well known for not being particularly good for you.. and most people understand that alcohol causes liver damage. But what is the science behind this? How does alcohol affect the liver? Is the damage permanent?  In this article, we’re going to take a look at different types of alcohol such as wine, beer cider,{…}

Is Rum Gluten-Free? (What Exactly Is In Rum?)

With a rise in health awareness in modern times, it’s no wonder people are curious about what is and isn’t gluten-free (regardless of whether they are celiac, sensitive, or just making better health decisions for themselves). It’s always important to know what you can drink (without anxiety) and what you should avoid. Beer, of course,{…}

The Difference Between Rum, Rhum Agricole, and Cachaça

All rum is produced from sugar, which is why it sometimes becomes difficult to differentiate between a few popular varieties and classifications of rum. However, slight variations in the process of distillation, extraction as well as aging make one beverage different from the other. If you are fond of home distillation, you must have come{…}

Best Yeast for Making and Distilling Rum (Explained!)

With more than 1500 varieties of yeast available to choose from, knowing the right type to use when making rum can be baffling. And, because any type of yeast can be used, there is no wrong option. It all depends on your taste, preference, and budget. However, some yeast types perform better than others. Rum{…}

How to Make Your Own Rum (A Complete Guide)

For anyone interested in learning more about the history, type, and production of rum, this liquor has a rich history. Created by fermenting and distilling sugarcane juice or sugarcane molasses, most rums are produced in sugar-producing countries. Rum is produced in various grades, giving it a wide range of flavors and uses. Rum plays a{…}