Resources and recommendations

If I take a step back and look around at our distillery space, there are many tools, pipe fittings, jars of chemicals and ingredients that we’ve tried and loved, or have loved to had never bought in the first place.

For someone new to the hobby especially, it can be daunting to collect everything you need for your brewing or distilling journey..

..What if I buy the wrong thing?

..These all look the same.. which is best?

I’ve put together this resources page of some of the tools of our trade, that might be able to help you in yours.

I don’t mean to claim that any of the following products are the best, or better than another. These are just some of the ones myself or our team have used with great success and feel confident recommending to others. Most of these are available online and can be delivered to your door.

This all said, I 100% believe that you dont need the best still to make amazing spirits. You dont need the most expensive ingredients. You dont need precision test intruments. Some of my favorite hooch has been created using what’s laying around, a packet of cheap yest, a dodgy pot still, and a whole bunch of ‘try-it-and-see’.. 

Note: This post contains affiliate links which we earn a small comission from. It helps us and this website out immensly if you choose to purchase something though one of these links – but doing so completely up to you. 

Distilling Basics


If you’re just starting out, the T-500 turbo still is a great starting point. You can read more about the best stills here.


This article lists our top 10 favorite books on distilling. If you had to buy just one, i’d get The Compleat Distiller


Distilling probably isn’t legal in your country! Check out this artice to find out if distilling is legal in your home country

Tools and Equipment

Pot Stills

(coming soon)

Reflux Stills

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Test Equipment

We’ve also written articles dedicated to finding the best hydrometers, the best alcoholmeters and the best refractometers for your application which you can read up on here.

We’d reccommend the 

Our favorite all-purpose hydrometer is the Brewing America Thermo-Hydrometer.

Our favorite all-purpose refractometer is this handheld refractometer which costs less than $20!





Brandy and Schnapps

(coming soon)


(coming soon)


Yeast: My top pick for a sugar cane yeast for rum is the DistilaMax® RM. You can learn more about rum yeast here

Tequila and Mezcal

Yeast: My top pick for a whiskey yeast is the. You can learn more about tequila yeast here. 


Yeast: My top pick for a whiskey yeast is the. You can learn more about vodka yeast here. 


Yeast: My top pick for a whiskey yeast is the DistilaMax® MW. You can learn more about whiskey yeast here

Grains: this article explains everything you need to know about barley, corn, rye and wheat for whiskey making