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Is your moonshine cloudy? Still puking? Or Is your single malt tasting like cardboard?

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In the distilling hobby it’s hard to get the information you need

Maybe it’s because of the tough government regulations on Distilling.. or maybe it’s because commercial distilleries guard their secret processes and recipes.

We want to help the armature answer your burning questions

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For just $29 USD you can write in to our experts with your disitilling problem

I asked the DIY Distilling team about my fermentation problems. It turn out the sugar wash was stalling because it was too cold so now I will keep it warmer and hopefully it works. 


I needed a second opinion on my process for making heads and fores cuts, and didn’t really trust the advice I was getting from a facebook group. Tristan got back to me later that day and gave me a few pointers. Well worth it for the peace of mind.


Great idea. Its so hard to find trustworthy inforation about moonshinin’. I’ll be using this service again!


Still not running propperly?

We’ve build stills from scratch, and also designed stills to be commercially manufactured. If you need help with design, assembly, or running of your still give us a yell for help.

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Not Tasting quite right?

It sucks when after all the the time and effort your brew tastes, well, not that great..

We’ll help you triage your recipe and process so your next batch is a roaring success.

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