Sugar Wash Calculator (With Worked Examples)

Looking to make your own distilled spirits at home? One of the most important steps in the process is creating a proper sugar wash.

But figuring out the right amount of sugar to use and calculating the starting gravity can be a daunting task. That’s where our sugar wash calculator comes in!

Our easy-to-use calculator takes the guesswork out of the equation, allowing you to create the perfect sugar wash every time. Whether you’re a seasoned home distiller or just starting out, our sugar wash calculator is an essential tool for creating high-quality, homemade spirits.

Try it out now and take your distilling game to the next level!

Sugar Wash Calculator

Formula 2

S = (SG-1) x V x 2500

Sugar in Grams = (SG as per reading – 1) x Volume in Liters x 2500

(if using a Specific Gravity Meter)

We now know how much sugar in grams we have in our fermentation.

The formula for creating a sugar wash calculator with inputs of “Desired Total Volume” and “Desired Original Gravity” and outputs of “Total Water Needed” and “Total Sugar Needed” is as follows:

Total Water Needed = Desired Total Volume / (1 + (Desired Original Gravity / 1000))

Total Sugar Needed = ((Desired Original Gravity / 1000) * Desired Total Volume) / (1 + (Desired Original Gravity / 1000))

In other words, to calculate the total water needed, divide the desired total volume by 1 plus the desired original gravity divided by 1000. To calculate the total sugar needed, multiply the desired original gravity divided by 1000 by the desired total volume, and then divide that result by 1 plus the desired original gravity divided by 1000.


To calculate the starting gravity (SG) based on the total kilograms of dissolved sugar in water, you can use the following formula:

SG = (total weight of sugar in kilograms / total volume of liquid in liters) / 1.046 + 1

Here, 1.046 is the conversion factor from degrees Plato to specific gravity.

To use this formula, you need to know the total weight of sugar added to the liquid and the total volume of liquid in liters. Once you have those values, simply plug them into the formula to find the starting gravity (SG) of the solution.

For example, if you dissolve 5 kilograms of sugar in 20 liters of water, the calculation would be:

SG = (5 kg / 20 L) / 1.046 + 1 = 1.043

Therefore, the starting gravity of the sugar solution would be 1.043.

How To Calculate The Total Water Needed:

Total Water Needed = Desired Total Volume * (1 – (Desired Original Gravity / 1000)) / (1.0000 – 0.004 * Desired Original Gravity)

Using the example of yielding 200L of SG 1.090, the calculation would be:

Total Water Needed = 200 * (1 – (1.090 / 1000)) / (1.0000 – 0.004 * 1.090) Total Water Needed = 200 * 0.910 / 0.9956 Total Water Needed = 182.05 L

Therefore, to create a sugar wash with a desired total volume of 200L and a desired original gravity of 1.090, you will need 182.05 liters of water and 43.59 kilograms of sugar.