Sugar Wash Calculator With Worked Examples

Sugar Wash Calculator

Formula 2

S = (SG-1) x V x 2500

Sugar in Grams = (SG as per reading – 1) x Volume in Liters x 2500

(if using a Specific Gravity Meter)

We now know how much sugar in grams we have in our fermentation.


To calculate the starting gravity (SG) based on the total kilograms of dissolved sugar in water, you can use the following formula:

SG = (total weight of sugar in kilograms / total volume of liquid in liters) / 1.046 + 1

Here, 1.046 is the conversion factor from degrees Plato to specific gravity.

To use this formula, you need to know the total weight of sugar added to the liquid and the total volume of liquid in liters. Once you have those values, simply plug them into the formula to find the starting gravity (SG) of the solution.

For example, if you dissolve 5 kilograms of sugar in 20 liters of water, the calculation would be:

SG = (5 kg / 20 L) / 1.046 + 1 = 1.043

Therefore, the starting gravity of the sugar solution would be 1.043.