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STC-1000 Controller (Complete Setup Guide)

Home brewing requires attention to detail in every step to achieve the desired flavor and quality of the final product. One of the most critical aspects is temperature control.  Proper temperature control ensures your fermenter maintains the ideal fermentation conditions.  One way to encourage such an environment is to use the STC-1000 controller.  To set{…}

Grainfather Brewing System – Review (All Models Compared)

Home brewers are always bombarded with the next, best brewing unit.  Just when you think you’ve found your go-to brewing system, you’re presented with one that promises you all the features and functions to ease your load during brew day, without compromising quality.  One of those systems is the Grainfather.  Grainfather is an all-in-one brewing{…}

What Is A Liquid Management Still? (And How Do They Work?)

There are many different reflux still topologies, each with their own benefits and drawbacks. One of the designs that has gained popularity due to its simplicity is the Liquid Management Still or LM still. A liquid management still controls the amount of liquid being drawn off the still. It uses internal plates below the dephlegmator/column{…}

What Is A CCVM Still? (And How Do They Work?)

There are many different reflux still topologies, each with their own benefits and drawbacks. One of the designs that has gained popularity is the condenser-controlled vapor management still (CCVM).  A CCVM is a type of still where the distiller controls the liquid entering collecting jars by using a copper coil inserted on top of a{…}

The Best Carbon Filter For Distilling (+How To Use Them)

Whether or not to filter homemade spirits is a polarising topic. Some are adamant you have to, and others will tell you ‘it’s all a hoax‘. Even commercial spirits will advertise that they are “triple filtered” to bolster rapport.  But what’s the truth? Carbon filtering is worth it if you want to smoothen a rough{…}

What Is A Cooling Management Still? (And How Do They Work?)

A cooling management still is 1 of 3 different methods for the control of reflux within a distillation column. These include cooling management (CM), liquid management (LM), and vapor management (VM). In this article, we’re going to explain how they work and if they are the best topology for your distilling needs What is a cooling management still? A cooling{…}

Vevor Alcohol Still Review (Which Model Is Best)

Vevor is a brand of small alcohol stills that’s popular on Aliexpress and Amazon. They have about 16 different units in their range, each with slightly different functions, capacities or hardware. They also sell them in a variety of different sizes and with different accessories The purpose of this article is to unpack all this{…}

How To Solder Distilling And Brewing Equipment (Guide)

When done right, soldering can be an easy way of binding different metals that make up brewing and distilling equipment. Soldering not only makes it easier to join your still’s pieces, but it allows you the ease of reheating, detaching, and cleaning the pieces when the need arises. There are various solders in the market,{…}

Still Spirits Turbo Air Still Review (Is It Any Good?)

The Turbo Air Still by Still Spirits is an easy way for beginners to start making your own spirits at home. It’s simple to learn and operate and has no cooling water which makes it easy for anyone to run on their kitchen countertop. You can create many spirits with little knowledge or effort using{…}

Batch Vs. Continuous Distillation (Explained!)

Distillation is one of the most useful processes in chemistry. It can separate mixtures into their components, concentrating a product from what was once a reaction mixture. In this post, we’ll be looking at the difference between batch distillation and continuous distillation. What Is Distillation? Distillation is the process of separating parts of a (liquid){…}