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How to Calibrate and Use a pH Meter for Brewing (Complete Guide)

Calibrating your pH meter is an essential part of getting accurate readings. Brewers, winemakers, and distillers need to maintain the right balance of acidity and alkalinity during the fermentation process to produce a quality result. This is achieved through the regular use of pH meters – particularly at the beginning of fermentation. Gone are the{…}

The Best Alcoholmeter For Distilling (In 2023)

Also known as ‘alcohol hydrometers’, ‘spirit hydrometers’, ‘proofing hydrometers, or simply as an ‘alcoholmeter’, these devices are essential in the distilling process to test the alcohol by volume (ABV) produced. But which are the best? Do you need one that goes from 0-100 or should you get a set with finer resolution?? Is there a{…}

The Best pH Meter for Brewing and Distilling (In 2023)

Finding the best pH meter for brewing and distilling will pay huge dividends to your wine, beer or spirits production. Not only is it an essential tool for analyzing the pH of your grapes, wort, or mash, but it plays an important role in managing microbial activity and free SO2. Along with a good alcoholmeter, and{…}

The Best Proofing Parrot For Distilling (In 2023)

A parrot is a piece of distilling equipment that sits after the take-off port of your still, and before the collection vessel, to collect a real-time sample of the alcohol coming off the still. If you want to take continuous alcohol measurements while distilling, then you need a proofing parrot. In this article, we’re going{…}

The Best Refractometers For Brewing and Distilling In 2023 (Complete Guide)

When looking for the best refractometer, you’re going to run into a range of devices that vary in accuracy, precision, usability, and most of all price! We’ve used everything from the simple handheld optical refractometer to the nifty digital versions that have hit the market. Based on your level of experience and the type of{…}