What’s The Difference Between A Dry Gin And A Normal Gin?

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Whether you enjoy drinking gin, you work as a bartender, or you want to make your own gin, you should know and understand the difference between normal gin and dry gin.

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London Dry and Normal Gin

First of all, normal gin is actually referred to as distilled gin and while there are different kinds of gin available on the market today, dry gin is often referred to as London Dry. Many traditional gin concoctions are created using London Dry since it has strong juniper flavors, such as pine, that come through quite well. Distilled gins, though, are produced with a variety of flavors and add a fruity or a floral taste to your mixed drinks.

Basically, all London Dry gins are considered distilled gins but not all distilled gins are London Dry gins. Both of these types of gin are created through a process called double distilling, which basically means the alcohol that is derived from farms and is distilled to an alcohol level of at least 96 percent is then distilled again with added flavorings, with the key ingredient being juniper berries.

When it comes to London Dry gin, do not let the name fool you into thinking it comes from London. London Dry can actually come from any place in the world and was given its name because of its high-quality characteristics. It is only made of natural flavors and water for dilution purposes after the second distillation. This type of gin is extracted from the still that it is derived from at only 70 percent alcohol and is sold with around 40 percent alcohol. Unlike distilled gin, no colors or sweeteners are added to London Dry so it reflects a certain method of production as well as a certain style of alcohol.

It is All in the Ingredients

When it comes to the creation of London Dry gin, the rules around the production of it are more stringent than those of distilled gin, but both are still high-quality alcohol. Basically, the rules and regulations only establish the minimum standards but producers of gin can certainly shoot for a higher quality and do. London Dry gin has no artificial flavors added, so it boasts more natural flavorings, but so can distilled gins, depending on what is used to flavor it. If your gin contains things like rose flavoring or even cucumber, it is more than likely a distilled gin instead of London Dry since the regulations concerning London Dry prohibit flavors from being added after the distillation process.

Examples of London Dry Gin Options

  • Hayman’s: This gin takes two days for distillation to take place and infuse. It is a very affordable option.
  • London Dry gin that boasts a nice juniper palate with a hint of spice and citrus.
  • Bombay Sapphire: This type of blue in color, London Dry gin, has the flavors of juniper as well as citrus and pepper.
  • Highclere Castle: This dry gin has notes of lavender, citrus, and, of course, juniper.

When it comes to distilled gins, there are many different types, from Sloe Gin and Old Tom to Genever. They are all used in a variety of ways to create amazing mixed drinks for people to enjoy.

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