The Best Whiskey Apps (For Whiskey Lovers) In 2023

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Almost everything today has gone digital, including whiskey.

Most apps about whiskey are whiskey databases that allow the user to review their tested drink and share it on social media. However, some apps allow the user to order whiskey on demand and will even go as far as to provide whiskey cocktail advice.

We surveyed our mailing list to find out exactly what apps you all are using. Below are the 5 best mobile apps for Whiskey Lovers available:

  1. Distiller
  2. Drizly
  3. Cask & Still – Scottish Whiskey News
  4. Whiskey Journal – Flavordex
  5. Irish Whiskey App

This article will cover what these popular apps do, so you can decide if you want to give them a try today.

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1. Distiller

The Distiller app is a portal into the world of whiskey. If you are someone who enjoys whiskey and would like to learn more about it, then this is one of the best apps for whiskey lovers that we’ve come across.

You can look up details about a brand you might enjoy, and find out how whiskey is made as well as its background. You can also find ratings and recommendations and locate new whiskies that may suit your palette.

Like Untapped (an app for beer), Distiller has the added ability to buy products and have them shipped. This is done via their affiliation with a company called Ezra’s, which is an online alcohol distributor.

There is an IOS and Android version of the app.

The app will provide you with the brand of whiskey, the background, i.e., the year, how it is made, the average rating, and finally, the cost.

If you are a whiskey enthusiast, try out Distiller. You will not be disappointed.


  • Helps to increase your knowledge of whiskey
  • You can look up information on a brand you might enjoy
  • You can find ratings and recommendations on new or other whiskeys
  • Suitable for both Apple and Android products


  • No bar code reader
  • Needs new expert tasters
  • A lack of personalization
Image of distiller best whiskey app review screenshot

2. Drizly

The best part about Drizly is that it allows you to order whiskey and have it delivered to your front door immediately. There are a variety of whiskeys on offer but you may have to wait a while based on availability.

If the whiskey you want is not available, you can still place your order and the suppliers will arrange for the order to be fulfilled as soon as possible. So, if you are happy to wait for a few days, then you can order the entire range if you want to.

Drizly is worth trying out as they provide a convenient service, although you may have to pay a little extra if you want your order dispatched immediately.

The best part about Drizly is that it is not just the large range of whiskey that is offered, but also a wide selection of beer, wine, and spirits. This includes many items that are sometimes hard to find in local stores.

With Drizly, you’ll be browsing by item as the default search.

The method of buying an item is similar to purchasing products on Amazon. The same product may be available from multiple vendors, so you get to choose which store you want to place an order in.

Drizly has very strict quality checks to ensure that the quality products bought will be delivered to the customer on time and in good condition. These checks are performed before a store becomes a partner and joins the platform.

Notably,  Drizly does not overcharge on any items. However, it does charge an average of $5 for each delivery fee as well as adding $1.99 for service fees.

There is no set price on the products you buy from Drizly. Each local liquor store will set its price on the app. You may find that some stores charge more for items on Drizly when compared to their in-store price. For this reason, it pays to shop around on the app and only make your selection once you’ve checked similar products at other vendors.

Drizly itself does not mark up the items on its platform.

In terms of whether buying off Drizly is worth it, we would say, yes, it is worth the cost and your time. Primarily, this is a matter of convenience with your whiskey or beer being delivered to your door sometimes within as little as 60 minutes.


  • A large selection of liquor to choose from
  • Supports local stores
  • Pick up options available
  • User-friendly interface
  • Very well compartmentalized
  • An easy refund policy
  • Serves over 180 markets


  • Often, the best-selling liquor is unavailable
  • Inconsistent hours
  • Higher delivery fees
  • Customer service varies with each vendor
  • Higher service fees
  • Delivery times can vary from place to place

3. Cask & Still

Scottish Field offers the perfect companion to help you discover all that is good and great about whiskey.

If you want to know more about the Scottish whiskey and spirits scene, then this app is worth checking out. The app is considered by many to be the ultimate pocket guide on Scotland’s national drink.

Cask & Still provides a useful catalog of information, with personal recommendations based on first-hand experience. You will find tips on how to enjoy and purchase whiskey as well as easy-to-use maps, complete with directions. All this is available to you from your cell phone.

With the help of some of Scotland’s top whiskey experts, the app is populated with iconic bars and noteworthy locations. Both whiskey and gin writers based in Scotland, together with distillers and experienced mixologists, give expert advice on whiskey selection and enjoyment. The details and recommendations are assembled by the magazine’s staff, who then extract only the best information.

This app is considered the new, user-friendly and innovative way to find your way around Scottish Whiskey and gin.

The best part? IT’S FREE!


  • Offers great knowledge about whiskey and spirits
  • Easy-to-use maps
  • Can share personal experiences with other users
  • It is free
Image of cask and stil whiskey tracking app screenshot

4. Whiskey Journal – Flavordex

This app is perfect for those who like to try new things. Flavordex offers a convenient way to keep track of the items you taste, whether it be food or drink.

This tasting journal is highly customizable and is designed for both tablets and phones to allow you to keep track of your information whether you are at home, at work, or on the go.

Flavordex is a fantastic way to keep a precise record of the products you have sampled and may wish to try again. You can even keep track of the items you do not want to try again.

You have an option of selecting items from the preloaded categories for whiskey, wine, and beer. If some of these don’t appeal to you, you can add your own categories.

The app itself is free and is different from the previous two apps mentioned in that there is no online ordering functionality. Where the previous apps not only keep track of your tastings but also allow you to order your whiskey, beer, etc online, Flavordex is designed to act as a journal, allowing you to keep track of your tastings.


  • Convenient for when you’re tracking tastings
  • You can track both foods and drinks
  • A variety of category options
Image of flavordex whiskey tasting app screenshot

5. Irish Whiskey App

With this Irish Whiskey App, you can browse and learn about hundreds of expressions, brands, distilleries, and stories about great Irish whiskey.

Open yourself up to learn more about the process, the recipes, the ingredients, and the history behind the whiskeys you know and love today. The powerful Search & Scan option allows you to point your device at any bottle to learn more about it.

You can also organize your collection, keep track of all your tastings and ratings, as well as create your Wishlist and catalog your personal collection.

This app has an amazing 5-star rating and offers more than you need to become a whiskey connoisseur (if you are not one already).

We rate this app very highly and can say that it is well worth the cost.


  • Increase your knowledge of hundreds of expressions, brands, distilleries, etc.
  • Learn about the process, the recipes, ingredients, and the history behind each whiskey
  • Search & Scan option
  • Can organize your collection of whiskies
  • 5-star rating
Image of irish whiskey app whiskey journal screenshot

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