How Much Does A Distilling License Cost In Australia?

For Aussies, doing it yourself is in your DNA. I’ve lived there myself and seen firsthand how the ‘have a go’ attitude works. So why can’t you distill alcohol yourself in Australia? Why do you need a license? This article will answer the questions you have regarding the cost of a distillery and the licenses{…}

How To Get A Distilling License (In The USA)

During the prohibition era, Americans operated illegal moonshine stills and produced homemade spirits in secret.  Although prohibition ended, there are still laws preventing the unregulated distillation and sale of spirits in the US. If you want to distill liquor at home or open a small craft distillery, you can make this dream a reality, but{…}

Why is Moonshine Dangerous (Must Read)

Moonshine is synonymous with illegal and highly potent hooch that’s been distilled in the dead of night. As well as being illegal, it gets a bad rep for being dangerous. But what makes it dangerous? The term moonshine often refers to a homemade corn whiskey or other home-distilled spirits. If not done correctly, moonshine can{…}

The Best Sugar for Distilling (Sugar Explained!)

To make the most of your brewing and distilling experience, you need to have a good understanding of which is the best sugar for distilling and what it does. Sugar and its alternatives can provide you with a host of opportunities to fine-tune your next batch. What is Sugar? Sucrose is a molecule composed of{…}

What Is A Still? (Distillation Equipment Explained!)

If you want to produce your own spirits at home, you need to distill them using a still.  But what is a still? How do they work? And how can you find the right still for you? In this article, we’ll tell you everything you need to know about stills – how they work, the{…}

The Best Water For Making Whiskey (And How To Treat It!)

Water is by far the biggest component in whiskey making. From the steeping and mashing of the grains, right through to diluting (proofing) the final spirit. And when an ingredient is so important, we need to make sure we use the right type of water! Felipe Schrieberg points out that  “while whisky nuts obsess over every{…}

The Best Sanitizer for Brewing and Distilling (In 2023)

Cleaning and sanitizing are two crucial but often neglected steps in the brewing and distilling process. Sanitizing kills bugs – bacteria that can infect your brew and create unpleasant unwanted flavors in the final product. Worse, they can ruin the entire batch or make people sick. In this article, we’re going to explain what the{…}

The Best Software For Brewing (In 2023)

There’s more to brewing your own beer, wine, or coffee than simply buying a kit and following some instructions. Think tracking complicated recipes, scaling ingredients, managing inventory, performing calculations, converting between metric and imperial, logging the result, and much MUCH more. This is where brewing software comes in. Picking the right software for brewing can{…}

The Best Mobile Apps for Craft Beer and Brewing in 2023

The best place to navigate the beer world, whether it be craft or otherwise, is now through your cell phone. Simply, search in the app/play store for “beer” and you’ll find many great apps for brewing and distilling. Unfortunatly – Many of these apps are unfortunately geared towards binge-drinking games or just poor attempts to{…}

The Best Mobile Apps for Whiskey Lovers (In 2023)

Almost everything today has gone digital, including whiskey. Most apps about whiskey are whiskey databases that allow the user to review their tested drink and share it on social media. However, some apps allow the user to order whiskey on demand and will even go as far as to provide whiskey cocktail advice. We surveyed{…}