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What Are Low Wines (Distilling Explained)

As a beginner home distiller, you might have come across the term low wines.  It’s one of those terms advanced home distillers often throw around and skimp over, making it difficult for newbies to grasp some basics of the craft.  Low wines are the result of the first distillation. They are produced from a fermented{…}

Distillation Column Flooding (How To Prevent It)

Flooding is frustration – throwing your still out of equilibrium and often ruining your product.. But, the good news is that you can fix it mid-distillation or prevent it from happening in the future. Flooding still is often a result of a higher than normal reflux rate. It could also mean there’s a high feed{…}

Pot Still Puking (Why Is My Still Boiling Over?)

As a new distiller, one of the most dampening feelings is winding up with a puking still. Even more so, when you’ve excitedly set up your still and have it running and had it run for the whole run. So, what exactly caused it to boil over? A few common causes of a still boilover are increased heat,{…}

The Best Puking And Anti-foaming Agents For Distilling (Our Recommendation)

If you’ve experienced a puking still and are looking for a surefire way to prevent it, you’ve come to the right place.  There are a lot of anti-foaming agents on the market, but we’ve included the ones we’ve found to effectively work best for extra starchy washes like all grain, potato, and molasses-based. They include both commercial{…}

What Is Backset Distilling (Explained)

Backset, as with other terms experienced home distillers throw around, can be a confusing concept for new distillers. But, it’s quite straightforward. Backset distilling is the process of adding liquid leftover (backset) from the previous distillation to a fresh wash. The liquid is acidic, so it lowers the pH of your wash. Bacteria thrive in{…}

Freeze Distillation (Try This!)

Distilling with a alembic or column still is awesome, but you need a lot of expensive equipment, and it’s unfortunately still illegal in many parts of the world. So what can you do instead? Freeze distillation is the process of lowering the temperature of your liquor until the water component freezes but the alcohol stays{…}

How To Make Cuts When Distilling (Distilling Cuts Chart)

Making cuts as a beginner can be quite intimidating.  With the potential of collecting methanol in your jars, it can be frustrating to try to understand when to make cuts, considering every home distiller has its own technique for making cuts. To make cuts, it’s best to use labeled collecting jars and blend afterwards. Use{…}

What Is The Easiest Alcohol To Make At Home

Sometimes you just want a good glass of your favorite alcohol after a long day or week. And the last thing you need is to be told you need special equipment to brew your drink. Luckily for you, there are various kinds of alcohol you can make with a few store-bought ingredients and equipment you{…}

When Should I Stop Running A Still? (Answered!)

When you’re new to the hobby of distilling there’s a lot of decisions to make and not much information out there that’s easy to find. I know for myself, that even this decision of when to stop running my still was baffling and I second guessed myself a lot. In this article we’re going to{…}

Why Is My Moonshine Cloudy? (How to Fix Cloudy Distillate)

So, you’re finally done with your spirit run and can’t wait to get your hands (and mouth) on your homemade hooch.  Did your distillate came out of the condenser with a funny-looking color? Or did you dilute with water only for it to take on a milky complexion? Don’t be disheartened. This is a common{…}