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The 5 Best Alembic Stills (For Making Alcohol)

Image of diy distilling the best alembic stills for making alcohol

An alembic still is a type of pot still used in the production of distilled beverages. The features of the alembic still resemble a huge onion shape, which enables an easy release of vapor from the mixture. The alembic still is made up of three parts: the alembic pot, a swan neck lid, and a condensing{…}

What Is an Alembic Still? (And How Do They Work?)

Image of diy distilling what is an alembic still and how do they work

Alembic stills have been in use for millennia. They quickly gained traction as the craft market exploded with distillers and home crafters wanting unique products that would give them the final alcoholic products they wished for. The history of these stills is long and rich, and they are also used for processes like oil extraction and purification.{…}

What Is A Dephlegmator (And How Do They Work?)

Image of diy distilling what is a dephlegmator and how does it work

Distillation of alcohol has been around for hundreds of years, dating back as far as the 12th century. The processes have dramatically changed over the years, and a lot of that has to do with the distilling hardware being used. Distillation is used in the production of wine, whisky, vodka, and other spirits. Distillation can{…}

The Best Oak For Aging Whiskey

Image of diy distilling diy distilling what is the best oak for aging whiskey french oak american oak

Oaking or ‘aging’ whiskey is what gives it all of it’s color, and a lot of its taste an aroma. In fact, Dan Szor, CEO and Founder of Costwalds Distillers estimates that wood contributes 60% to 70 % towards the taste of the final whiskey product. “Wood is known to take out the bad through{…}

What Is A Thumper Keg (And How Do They Work?)

Image of diy distilling what is a thumper keg and how does a thumper work

Nothing beats a beautifully flavored and smooth final spirit. If you want to avoid multiple distillation runs while ensuring that you get high-proof alcohol without impurities, a thumper (or thumper keg) is a tool worth investing in. In this article, we’ll discuss what a thumper keg is, why you need one, and how it works. Ready?{…}

How To Age Whiskey (Complete Guide)

Image of diy distilling how to age whiskey the complete guide to oak barrels and aging whiskey

Aging whiskey is one of the most important aspects of this wonderful elixir. It’s the bridge between an okay-tasting whiskey and a perfectly smooth, intensely flavored drink. Whether you want to age your own whiskey, or just like reading about aging whiskey, here’s everything you need to know about the art. How Do You ‘Age’ Spirits?{…}

Toasted vs. Charred Barrels (Explained)

The relationship between the type of barrel and spirit characteristics is something that most coopers and winemakers have been wondering about. If you want to understand the difference between a toasted and charred barrel, and how these affect the flavors of the beverage aged in them, this article is for you. Toasted vs. Charred Barrels{…}

How Do Bubble Plates Work (Explained)

Image of diy distilling how do bubble plates work

If you are new to distillation, you may have heard of bubble plates. But, perhaps you are unsure what they are or how they work. In this article, we will delve into what a bubble plate is, why it is used in distillation, the anatomy of a bubble plate, and the benefits of using it.{…}

What Is A Still? (Distillation Equipment Explained!)

If you want to produce your own spirits at home, you need to distill them using a still.  But what is a still? How do they work? And how can you find the right still for you? In this article, we’ll tell you everything you need to know about stills – how they work, the{…}

The Best Brewing Software (In 2023)

There’s more to brewing your own beer, wine, or coffee than simply buying a kit and following some instructions. Think tracking complicated recipes, scaling ingredients, managing inventory, performing calculations, converting between metric and imperial, logging the result, and much MUCH more. This is where brewing software comes in. Picking the right software for brewing can{…}

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