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How To Select The Right Heat Source For Your Distillation Column (Explained!)

The purpose of the distillation process, in the production of alcohol, is to purify the liquid in the distillation column. This is achieved by heating and vaporizing the liquid. When the vapor recondenses into liquid, it is collected. This liquid is considered to be more pure than the original liquid as many of the impurities{…}

What is the Best Still for Home Distilling (The 8 Best Stills Reviewed)

Have you ever purchased alcohol from the bottle store, and thought to yourself, “I could do it better”? Well, you could do it right at home in fact! And it is not challenging at all. Whether you want to distill vodka, whiskey, gin, rum or even tequila at home or even essential oils at home,{…}

How To Make Gin With An Air Still (A Beginner’s Guide)

A great cocktail can be made with just a few ingredients. If you’re new to making cocktails at home, this is the perfect drink for you! It’s easy to make and features gin as the main ingredient. Gin is one of the most famous liquors in the world. Making gin at home has become popular{…}

How to Clean your Still – Guide to Maintaining Distillation Hardware

Whether you are making an alcoholic beverage or a luxurious essential oil at home, preparing perfect distillate calls for the right equipment and a good quality still. Having a clean still, that’s safe from all unwanted substances and residues is just as important as the actual process of distillation to make the perfect drink. Copper{…}

A Complete Review Of The T500 Turbo Still (Your Questions Answered!)

The T500 Turbo Still (by Still Sprits) has become the go-to choice for novice distillers around the world, looking to better their craft – and for obvious reasons too. This still has all the features of a larger (and more expensive) distillation column, packing into a counter-top size and at an affordable price. However, before{…}

Alcoholmeter vs Hydrometer – What’s The Difference And How Do They Work?

When you’re getting into brewing and distilling there’s a log of jargon, and a lot of science to get your head around. Don’t worry. It’s not too scary. And we’re here to help! In simple terms, an alcoholmeter and a hydrometer are tools that look almost identical and operate using the same principles of physics.{…}