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The Best Craft Beer Apps (For Drinking and Brewing)

Image of the best mobile apps for brewing and distilling

The best place to navigate the beer world, whether it be craft or otherwise, is now through your cell phone. Simply, search in the app/play store for “beer” and you’ll find many great apps for brewing and distilling. Unfortunatly – Many of these apps are unfortunately geared towards binge-drinking games or just poor attempts to{…}

The Best Whiskey Apps (For Whiskey Lovers) In 2023

Image of diy distilling the best mobile apps for whiskey

Almost everything today has gone digital, including whiskey. Most apps about whiskey are whiskey databases that allow the user to review their tested drink and share it on social media. However, some apps allow the user to order whiskey on demand and will even go as far as to provide whiskey cocktail advice. We surveyed{…}

The 5 Best Mobile Apps For Gin Lovers (In 2023)

Image of diy distilling the best mobile apps for gin

Gin is no longer a drink for little old ladies, it’s hit the mainstream and in the last few years has developed a cult-like status. And with that status comes the challenge of keeping track of which gins are great, which ones aren’t, and what to try next.  Being unashamed gin snobs, it’s hard work{…}

The Best Alcohol Meter For Distilling In 2023 (Spirit Hydrometer)

Image of diy distilling thes best alcoholmeters for distilling

Also known as ‘alcohol hydrometers’, ‘spirit hydrometers’, ‘proofing hydrometers, or simply as an ‘alcoholmeter’, these devices are essential in the distilling process to test the alcohol by volume (ABV) produced. But which are the best? Do you need one that goes from 0-100 or should you get a set with finer resolution?? Is there a{…}

The Best pH Meter for Brewing and Distilling (In 2023)

Image of diy distilling the best ph meters for brewing and distilling

Finding the best pH meter for brewing and distilling will pay huge dividends to your wine, beer or spirits production. Not only is it an essential tool for analyzing the pH of your grapes, wort, or mash, but it plays an important role in managing microbial activity and free SO2. Along with a good alcoholmeter, and{…}

The Best Refractometers For Brewing and Distilling In 2023 (Complete Guide)

Image of diy distilling the best refractometer for brewing and distilling

When looking for the best refractometer, you’re going to run into a range of devices that vary in accuracy, precision, usability, and most of all price! We’ve used everything from the simple handheld optical refractometer to the nifty digital versions that have hit the market. Based on your level of experience and the type of{…}

The 4 Best Hydrometers For Brewing and Distilling (In 2023)

Image of diy distilling the 4 best hydrometers for home brewing and distilling

Hydrometers are an essential tool in the brewer or distillers tool kit. They measure the difference in sugar content of a liquid before and after fermentation to tell us how much alcohol by volume the product contains – so we can keep safe, as well as make sure fermentation has performed as expected. The best{…}

Distilling Terms and Jargon Explained (Learn These!)

Image of diy distilling a distillers glossary of terms

If you are new to the world of distillation, you may have noticed a bunch of distilling terms and terminology being thrown around that you are unfamiliar with. Distilling, like many other industries, has its own jargon and special terms, and no one ever explains these to you at the beginning! In this article, we{…}

Why You Need Copper in Your Distillery (Copper vs. Stainless Steel)

Image of diy distilling do i need copper of stainless steel in my distillation column

Why you need copper in your distillery (Copper vs. Stainless Steel) is a simple question to answer. While it may look a little old-fashioned, copper is a necessary and integral part of the distilling process. To understand why that is, let’s look at the process of making alcohol. It uses evaporation and condensation to distill a{…}

How To Select The Right Heat Source For Your Distillation Column (Explained!)

Image of diy distilling the best heating element for your distillation column

The purpose of the distillation process, in the production of alcohol, is to purify the liquid in the distillation column. This is achieved by heating and vaporizing the liquid. When the vapor recondenses into liquid, it is collected. This liquid is considered to be more pure than the original liquid as many of the impurities{…}

How to Make Pitorro At Home (Step-by-Step Guide)

Pitorro is a popular Puerto Rican drink, especially during special occasions. It follows the same{...}

The Best Still For Making Whiskey (In 2024)

With so many whiskey-making stills on the market, choosing one that will cater to your{...}

The Best Still For Making Vodka (In 2024)

I make a lot of gin, and to make gin you need vodka first. Over{...}

The Best Thermometer For Distilling (In 2024)

One aspect that allows us to create high-quality spirits hinges on having a reliable and{...}

How To Cut Heads and Tails When Making Gin

One question we get asked a lot in the Facebook group and our Ask an{...}

A Distillers’ Guide To Excise Duty (Excise Tax Considerations)

From the Author: This article has been written as a necessity given the variety of{...}