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How Long Does Gin Last? (And How To Tell If It’s Gone Bad)

As a general rule, a bottle of gin can last forever. The flavors will be best preserved if you keep the bottle sealed in a cool place and out of direct sunlight. Once opened, the flavors will change more rapidly due to oxidization, but the gin will still be safe to drink. If possible, keep{…}

Is gin gluten free? (Explained!)

With an ever-increasing number of individuals curious about what is and isn’t gluten-free (regardless whether they have a genuine sensitivity or not), it’s always important to know what you can drink without anxiety and what you should avoid. Beer, of course, is off-limits to gluten-intolerant people. But what about spirits like gin? Is gin gluten{…}

The difference Between Gin and Geneva (Explained!)

It is hard to talk about the difference between Gin and Geneva without talking about their origins and history, because Gin is essentially an immigrant child of Geneva. At the core, these distillates are essentially the same; a juniper-flavored spirit. Look a little closer though and you’ll be able to see some major distinguishable and{…}

Making Gin: The Difference Between Maceration, Infusion, and Vapour Infusion

Gin is a beverage that has existed for longer than most, from dutch geneva to the gin we know today. It can take on many forms and be prepared in a variety of what depending on where you’re from and what botanicals are selected to be used. But, despite being around for so long, a{…}