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How Does Methanol Cause Blindness? (Explained!)

Methanol (or methyl alcohol) is an alcohol commonly found in industrial solvents, including antifreeze, carburetor fluid, and canned fuels. It is hazardous and toxic. The chemical composition of methanol is CH3OH making it the shortest chain and therefore simplest alcohol. Methanol is particularly dangerous because it can be challenging to detect. It’s odorless and colorless, so it’s not{…}

Why is Moonshine Dangerous (Must Read)

Moonshine is synonymous with illegal and highly potent hooch that’s been distilled in the dead of night. As well as being illegal, it gets a bad rep for being dangerous. But what makes it dangerous? The term moonshine often refers to a homemade corn whiskey or other home-distilled spirits. If not done correctly, moonshine can{…}

How Much Methanol Is There In Whiskey? (And Other Alcoholic Drinks)

In this article, we’re going to look at how much methanol there is in Whiskey and other standard alcoholic drinks.  All fermentation will result in a small amount of methanol being produced, which can be carried through to the final product, and concentrated through distillation. Fermentations of ingredients with a high level of pectin, such{…}

How to Clean your Still – Guide to Maintaining Distillation Hardware

Whether you are making an alcoholic beverage or a luxurious essential oil at home, preparing perfect distillate calls for the right equipment and a good quality still. Having a clean still, that’s safe from all unwanted substances and residues is just as important as the actual process of distillation to make the perfect drink. Copper{…}

How Long Does Gin Last? (And How To Tell If It’s Gone Bad)

As a general rule, a bottle of gin can last forever. The flavors will be best preserved if you keep the bottle sealed in a cool place and out of direct sunlight. Once opened, the flavors will change more rapidly due to oxidization, but the gin will still be safe to drink. If possible, keep{…}

How to Avoid Methanol When Distilling Alcohol (Must Read!)

Making your own spirits at home is not only interesting but also a great learning experience. However, preparing any alcoholic beverage by yourself calls for the right care and precision. Methanol is an unwanted byproduct of fermentation. It can be concentrated if distillation is performed incorrectly and this can lead to harmful or even lethal{…}

What are the symptoms of methanol poisoning (And how to treat it!)

Methanol is the simplest form of alcohol and closely associated with ethanol, which is mostly found in wine, beer, and spirits. However, methanol is much more toxic and could lead to death when left untreated. What is Methanol? Also known as methyl alcohol or wood spirit, methanol is the simplest (shortest chain) of alcohols which{…}