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Toasted vs. Charred Barrels (Explained)

The relationship between the type of barrel and spirit characteristics is something that most coopers and winemakers have been wondering about. If you want to understand the difference between a toasted and charred barrel, and how these affect the flavors of the beverage aged in them, this article is for you. Toasted vs. Charred Barrels{…}

What is a Stripping Run (And How To Perform One)

You’ll hear a lot of terms thrown around by those in the home (and commercial) brewing industry. One of those common terms is a stripping run. When you’re new to the hobby, trying to understand these phrases can feel a bit overwhelming. If you’ve happened upon this term and want to know what a strip run is and how{…}

How Does Methanol Cause Blindness? (Explained!)

Image of diy distilling how does methanol cause blindness

Methanol (or methyl alcohol) is an alcohol commonly found in industrial solvents, including antifreeze, carburetor fluid, and canned fuels. It is hazardous and toxic. The chemical composition of methanol is CH3OH making it the shortest chain and therefore simplest alcohol. Methanol is particularly dangerous because it can be challenging to detect. It’s odorless and colorless, so it’s not{…}

How Do Bubble Plates Work (Explained)

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If you are new to distillation, you may have heard of bubble plates. But, perhaps you are unsure what they are or how they work. In this article, we will delve into what a bubble plate is, why it is used in distillation, the anatomy of a bubble plate, and the benefits of using it.{…}

What Does Moonshine Taste Like (Distiller Explains!)

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Moonshine: while the name is familiar, many haven’t seen or tasted this infamous elixir..  Moonshine is essentially clear, unaged bourbon whisky. Otherwise known as ‘hooch’ and ‘white lightening’, the beverage is known for its high proof, notable ‘kick’, and popularity with bootleggers during prohibition. It is typically made from corn so has a similar taste to a{…}

What Are Fusel Alcohols (Fusel Oil Explained!)

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Any alcohol compound containing more than two atoms of carbon is called a “fusel” alcohol. The word “fusel” comes from German, and means “bad liquor.” Fusel alcohols are sometimes referred to in chemistry texts as “higher alcohols.” Also, because of their oily sheen, they are sometimes also referred to as “fusel oils.” The following compounds{…}

Is Making Moonshine Illegal In Florida (Explained)

Image of diy distilling is making moonshine illegal in florida explained

So, you live in Florida and want to get your hands busy and make moonshine? Or maybe you’re just curious about the legalities surrounding the manufacturing of moonshine? It’s illegal to distill moonshine or any other spirits in the state of Florida at both a state level and a federal level. It’s also illegal to{…}

Is Making Moonshine Illegal In Texas? (Explained)

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The state government has a legal monopoly in Texas, which means that you can’t legally make alcohol without getting the necessary permits and licenses. To understand the laws that govern the manufacturing of moonshine, carry on reading this article. What is Moonshine And Why Is It Called Moonshine? Moonshine is alcohol that has been stored{…}

Is Making Moonshine Illegal In Ohio? (Explained!)

Image of diy distilling is making moonshine legal in the state of ohio is distilling legal in ohio

If you want to make moonshine in Ohio, you might also be wondering: is that legal? The prohibition era is over, but that doesn’t mean you can just fire up the backyard still and start moonshining. In this article, we’ll look at the legal status of making moonshine in Ohio. What is Moonshine and Why{…}

Is Making Moonshine Illegal In California? (Explained!)

Image of diy distilling is making moonshine legal in the state of california is distilling legal in california

Moonshine is a very special American drink with a rich history, but making it the old-fashioned way in California can land you in jail. In this article, we’ll look at the legal status of making moonshine in California. What is Moonshine and Why is it called Moonshine? Moonshine is clear grain alcohol made from corn{…}

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