The 7 Best Rum Books (For Rum Lovers) In 2023

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Oh, the sweet and toasty taste of our beloved rum. A treasured liquor that has been around for 60 years, having originated from the West Indies. In those 60 years, well-known experts, and self-taught lovers of rum have come to have extensive knowledge of the strong drink. Said individuals have been generous to share that information with the rest of the community of rum lovers. So, here are the seven best books for rum that will take your knowledge, inspiration, and love for rum to the next level.  

  1. And a Bottle of Rum: A History of the New World in Ten Cocktails  
  2. Rum: The Manual 
  3. The Distiller’s Guide to Rum 
  4. The Joy of Mixology (⭐Our Top Pick!)
  5. Old Mr. Boston Deluxe Official Bartender’s Guide
  6. The Joy of Home Distilling: The Ultimate Guide to Making Your Own Vodka, Whiskey Rum  
  7. The Rum Experience  

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1. And a Bottle of Rum, Revised and Updated: A History of the New World in Ten Cocktails  

This book is designed for rum lovers who love the history of rum. The book helps you understand that in order to appreciate something in the present, a good look at its history can be of great help. It takes you on a trip, enlightening you about all the cultural changes that rum has gone through over the decades. 

The history of rum and why it is so loved will allow you to understand why the drink is what it is today. The book, “And a Bottle of Rum,” has a sole purpose; to present to you, an appreciation of all those who traded rum way back when, when pirates were on the hunt for rum and eager to raid it. You will get to read, in the style of course, how mixologists had – and still do – a great appreciation for rum. All this and more, all ties into an engaging tale of how rum came to be what it is known for and is today.  

Best place to buy: Amazon (link)

And a Bottle of Rum, Revised and Updated: A History of the New World in Ten Cocktails
  • Curtis, Wayne (Author)
  • English (Publication Language)
  • 320 Pages - 06/05/2018 (Publication Date) - Crown (Publisher)

2. Rum The Manual  

For all those who need a little direction on how to savor and truly enjoy a glass of rum, “Rum the Manual,” is a book that gives tips and the know-how on how to gobble down all types of rum. Whether you are a classical gentleman or lady, or you are on a mission to discover more of that new-generation rum, this book, as the name suggests, is the perfect manual for you.  

If you have never drunk rum other than what your country has to offer, this book will make you eager to try out different concoctions and aged rums from all over the world. Yet again, you may have a very specific palate and are very cautious and picky about what you like and do not like. Well, do not worry, because the rum manual also focuses on helping you and the rum community to discover the style you prefer.  

The book has so much to offer and is a must-read for all rum lovers.  

Best place to buy: Amazon (link)

Rum: The Manual
  • Comes in safe and secure packaging
  • Langugage: English
  • It is made up of premium quality material.

3. The Distiller’s Guide to Rum 

“The Distiller’s Guide to Rum,” is a book for those who are searching for answers to what rum really is, what makes it what it is. When seen in a store, rum can easily look like a simple drink. Some may say it is just a distilled spirit – which it is – but it is much more complicated than what it is to the naked eye. To be as versatile and premium as it is, rum goes through a crafty process full of meshing together ingredients into the right type of equipment through step-by-step processes. The book teaches you about the precise process rums from around the world go through to be the strong drink it is.  

The Distiller’s Guide to Rum is a book that has the ability to lure your creative side and bounce around either business ideas or simple daily fun activities you and your mates can get up to now that you know how rum is made.

Best place to buy: Amazon (link)

The Distiller's Guide to Rum
  • Hardcover Book
  • Ian Smiley (Author)
  • English (Publication Language)

4. The Joy of Mixology [Our Top Pick!]

A book written in 2008, “The Joy of Mixology,” is a book made for average Joes and experienced rum lovers to provide insight on a revolutionary recipe that had a massive role to play in the cocktail scene which was observed in the 1980s in London.  

In the book, you will find a recipe that, when poured into a good old-fashioned glass, will bring together the rum and the other ingredients listed in order to create a cocktail you will want to make again for yourself, and for your guests in order to sweep them off their feet! For professional bartenders, you can also use this book to further your knowledge and increase your credit the next time you are behind the counter.   

Best place to buy: Amazon (link)

5. Old Mr. Boston Deluxe Official Bartender’s Guide  

Old Mr. Boston is a recipe book that cuts straight to the chase, targeting rum lovers who need help in knowing how to become a mixologist by immediately digging into the dos of mixing and mastering rum and all the drinks you could recreate with it. Experienced bartenders, beginners, or those who are silently wishing to take on the skill can learn a thing or two, and much more from this book.  

Do not let the title scare you if you are not a bartender. You could use this book as a means to acquire insights into what ingredients the best of the best are using, in addition to their rum, to make what other male and female rum lovers keep coming back for.  

The book is so easy to use, with all the recipes listed in an alphabetical order with indexes to help you to follow along. In addition to the base ingredients recognized by many, there are some that only a classic mixologist would know, so the book presents a chance for your knowledge to expand and stand out from the rest of the rum community.  

Best place to buy: Amazon (link)

Mr. Boston Deluxe Official Bartender's Guide
  • Unknown (Author)
  • English (Publication Language)
  • 01/01/1976 (Publication Date) - Mr. Boston Distiller Corporation (Publisher)

6. The Joy of Home Distilling: The Ultimate Guide to Making Your Own Vodka, Whiskey Rum  

A final call to those who have always wanted to make their own rum. Yes, your own rum. This book is your step-by-step guide to producing your own rum, addressing all the legalities and safety procedures that come with making rum in the comfort of your home. Would you like to save a couple of dollars and not buy premium rum? Read, “The Joy of Home Distilling.” Do you have a distinct palate with specific preferences that are extremely hard to satisfy with common rum? Then, “The Joy of Home Distilling,” is the book you are looking for, the book you need. 

It is a detailed book that covers all necessary areas and, as a bonus, you get some recipes you can try out with your new homemade rum!  

Best place to buy: Amazon (link)

7. The Rum Experience  

This book was made with the intention of catering to rum lovers who have a nick for travel. The book was made to be easy to use, covering the wide tasting portfolio that all-so-famous rum lives up to, hence its professional and efficient design. It is certainly a rum lover’s must-have as it transports you to the opposite side of the world, on an adventurous escape to learn more about the colorful history of rum. All types of rum and rum experiences to match will be covered in the book, “The Rum Experience.” There is no discrimination nor any thresholds when it comes to this book. It is versatile in that way. Whether you are new to the world of rum, an intermediate eager to change your status to ‘expert’ or you are a decade-long enthusiast who has traveled, seen, smelt, and tasted all kinds of rum, this book will meet the needs of all who read it. 

Best place to buy: Amazon (link)

The Rum Experience - Collector's Edition: The Complete Rum Reference Guide
  • Ayala, Luis K (Author)
  • English (Publication Language)
  • 230 Pages - 06/18/2010 (Publication Date) - CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform (Publisher)


Whether you are calmly reading in the comfort of your bedroom nook for your own pleasure or reading to extend knowledge to apply in real life, or simply thinking of giving a present to a fellow rum lover, all these books will fit the bill. So, how about we raising a glass and toast and taking a sip of that sweet, toasty rum we all love.

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