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The Best Whiskey Stones In 2024 (3 Types To Choose From)

Image of diy distilling the best whiskey stones

The key attraction of whiskey stones is they can provide the same cooling effect of ice, but won’t melt and dilute the beverage. If you drink your spirits neat, and not adding water is important to you, then whiskey stones are the way to go. Whiskey stones are made from food-grade materials such as stainless,{…}

Macerated Gin Recipe (Try This!)

Image of diy distilling macerated gin recipe 7

Maceration is a process of infusing the botanicals in a neutral spirit and allowing the alcohol to draw out the flavors overnight. Then the mixture is watered down to 40% ABV, added to the boiler of your gin still, and redistilled to produce a clear, colorless final gin. Maceration tends to extract the flavors more{…}

Easy Bathtub Gin Recipe (No Distillation Required!)

Image of diy distilling bathtub gin recipe photos 4

Bathtub gin refers to an alcohol-based drink mixture produced at home in the 1920s or anywhere using non-professional methods. You can make Bathtub Gin at home by combining gin botanicals with a good quality vodka and leaving it to infuse for a few days. In this recipe, I’ll share my favorite method of making bathtub{…}

The Best Arancello Recipe (Incredible Orange Limoncello!)

Image of diy distilling the best arancello recipe we tested 3 variation of making orange limoncello

Editors Note: In this recipe, I tested what %ABV alcohol makes the best arancello so you’ll see 3 different variations. In previous recipes, I tested the best way to process the fruit, and the perfect amount of sugar to use. If you read all three of these, you’ll get a pretty good idea of what{…}

How To Make Non-Alcoholic Gin (Try This Recipe)

Image of diy distilling how to make non alcoholic gin at home

With more people seeking to enjoy the flavor of gin without the negative impact on their health, non-alcoholic spirits are becoming popular.  If you relish the distinct flavor derived from gin and want to replicate store-bought brands in the comfort of your home, you’ve come to the right place.  To make non-alcoholic gin, you’ll need{…}

Soxhlet Extractor For Distilling (+ How To Use One)

Image of diy distilling soxhlet extractor for distilling

There are a plethora of devices and techniques you can use to create a superbly flavored drink. These include a gin basket, maceration, and infusion.  But one technique that isn’t always talked about is the use of a soxhlet extractor.  The device has been used by chemists since its discovery in 1879. It’s renowned because{…}

How to Make Pitorro At Home (Step-by-Step Guide)

Pitorro is a popular Puerto Rican drink, especially during special occasions. It follows the same{...}

The Best Still For Making Whiskey (In 2024)

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The Best Still For Making Vodka (In 2024)

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The Best Thermometer For Distilling (In 2024)

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How To Cut Heads and Tails When Making Gin

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A Distillers’ Guide To Excise Duty (Excise Tax Considerations)

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