The 7 Best Books For Gin Lovers (Our Top Picks In 2022!)

No one could have expected gin’s rapid rise over the previous five years: craft distilleries are thriving, sophisticated gin drinkers prefer pink grapefruit and black pepper to lemon, and you can even get your favorite gin delivered to your door. 

When gin connoisseurs take the time to learn about the spirit, the pleasure of consuming becomes even more delightful. A gin recipe book that covers the classics while also providing a few fresh ideas based on current trends is arguably the best gift for a true lover. 

Let’s look at some best books for gin and see what they have to offer you as a drinker.

1. The Spirit of Gin

The Spirit of Gin is a thorough and engaging illustrated reference to the traditional spirit, with a particular emphasis on the present gin revival, which is being fueled by inventive craft gin distillers, new ingredients and infusions, and increased interest in bars across the United States and abroad. 

The book covers the broad history of gin which includes detailed coverage of modern makers’ and purveyors’ methods, ingredients, and accouterments.

What makes the Spirit of Gin a worthwhile experience is a book that covers the fascinating history of gin from its inception in eighteenth-century London to its current worldwide renaissance, including examining the distillation process, describing the many varieties of gin, and explaining the common botanicals used in gin production.

2. Gin: The Manual

With more brands than ever before, now is the moment to explain what makes gin unique, what flavors it has, and how to get the most out of the brands you buy. How gin is manufactured. What a botanical is and how it affects a gin’s flavor. What are the differences between American gins with this book?

How to get the most enjoyment out of them Whether or not there is life after gin and tonic (yes!) The majority of the book is devoted to 120 gins that the author has tested and graded in four different ways: tonic, lemonade, negroni, and martini. Furthermore, each gin is classified using an inventive flavor camp system that highlights the gin’s fundamental characteristics and lets you better understand how to consume it and so appreciate it.

Furthermore, each gin is classified using an inventive flavor camp system that highlights its fundamental characteristics and lets you better understand how to consume, make and appreciate it.

3. Gin Made Me Do It

This gorgeously designed book will introduce you to various cocktails, from the traditional to the avant-garde, and will demonstrate gin’s versatility. The author, a gin connoisseur and cocktail maven explain all you need to know in ‘Gin Made Me Do It,’ including how to choose the correct blend, construct the best martini, and serve great cocktails for any occasion.

With its vibrant pictures and fascinating tidbits of gin history, this book is the ideal present for the gin enthusiast in your life.

4. The Curious Bartender’s Gin Palace

Gin Palace is a magnificent and sizeable coffee-table book that runs to 224 pages, which surprised me because I expected a regular-sized hardback. 

It starts with a gin history, which, even though I’ve read countless gin histories, is an exciting pastime through the history of gin. 

It goes back to the beginning of distillation, explaining how gin evolved and the various styles that emerged. There are parts on medical juniper, genever’s debut in the Netherlands, how it became a fashionable London drink, gin palaces, gin’s entrance in the United States, and the present gin resurgence around the world.

The following section explains how gin is manufactured, including different distillation methods, botanicals, juniper, and sections on the most common botanicals, including cardamom, coriander, licorice, and angelica. There’s also a section on distinguishing between the many types of gin to differentiate your London Dry from your Old Tom and Plymouth Gin.

The book takes you on a tour of the world’s best gins and distilleries. The alchemy of the gin production process and the science of flavor are explored, as well as a variety of cocktail ideas.

5. Gin: Distilled: The Essential Guide for Gin Lovers

It’s an excellent book on gin, how to make your gin, and how to make various other things. Gin Distilled is the perfect complement to the modern history of gin; How gin is manufactured; What to look for when buying gin and various types of gin and Insightful information on how to brew excellent Gin.

This book delves into a systematic approach to creating great-tasting gins. It gives you an excellent foundation to expand on. If you are constantly getting asked for a new gin as a new distillery, this has been quite useful in recommending the best strategy.

The book provides excellent information on the many gins and how they are manufactured, as well as a step-by-step tutorial on how to make your concoctions. The book’s emphasis on the fundamentals, key principles, how to establish and record your recipe creation, and how to evaluate your products is applicable not only to gain but to any other alcoholic beverage, baking, fermentation, and just about anything; creative!

6. Still Magic: A gin distiller’s guide for beginners

Gin’s comeback is a worldwide phenomenon, and a new generation of gin distillers is paving the way for an exciting future. With this book, you may join the ranks of today’s daring creators and continue gin’s legacy. 

  • Still Magic explains the components that go into making high-quality gin. 
  • Read this book to learn how to: 
  • How to manufacture gin cheaply and without bother 
  • That lack of experience isn’t a hindrance to success 
  • How to commercialize your gin legacy 
  • The three essential values that professional distillers hold dear 
  • You’ll learn about time-tested gin processes and the role they play in today’s global renaissance

Still Magic will whisk you away to the heady days of early gin production. 

7. The World Atlas of Gin

This is the definitive guide for anybody interested in learning more about gin, including the top gins from around the world.

There has never been a more dramatic change in the world of distilled spirits than the current resurrection of gin. Global cocktails are also discussed, as well as the history and origins of some of the most well-known mixed gin beverages. 

The Bottom Line

When gin connoisseurs devote time and effort to learning about the spirit, the pleasure of consuming is enhanced. A gin recipe book that covers the classics while also offering a few fresh ideas based on current trends is arguably the best gift for a true gin lover.

Fortunately, there is a plethora of fascinating gin-related literature available. I’m talking about books about gin’s history, production process, and various gins from throughout the world. 

These books make an excellent Gin reading list. I couldn’t choose just one gin book, so I chose seven of my best gin books and let you decide which one is best for you. Enjoy the reading!

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