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Does Moonshine Go Bad (Check This!)

The thought of whether moonshine goes bad has probably crossed your mind numerous times. Despite moonshine being an incredibly shelf-stable product and excellent preservative, it can go bad. When improperly stored–exposed to heat, kept in plastic containers, or left to oxidize–the spirit can eventually become contaminated, lose its potency and become the perfect home for{…}

Air Still Pro Review (What’s The Difference)

The Air Still Pro by Still Spirits is a versatile and convenient option for both novice and experienced distillers. The key difference between the original Air Still and the Air Still Pro is a reflux mode to make high-proof vodka or neutral spirit. It also has automatic foreshots collection where the first 30ml is collected{…}

The Ultimate Corn Whiskey Recipe (Distilling Bourbon)

As you advance in the home distilling craft, it’s always a terrific idea to experiment with fun and exciting recipes. One of the best recipes worth giving a try is corn whiskey.  It’s a favorite amongst most home distillers because it helps them create a spirit that closely resembles their favorite commercial brands.  The mash{…}

The Best Peach Moonshine Recipe (Tested)

Peach moonshine is a harmonious blend of sweet, tart, and strong. It packs quite a punch while offering a deliciously fruity and refreshing experience. If it’s been on your list of spirits to try, then you’re in for a treat! We’ve tried out various peach moonshine recipes and found one sure to excite even the{…}

The Best Apple Pie Moonshine Recipe (Tested)

Apple moonshine is a hit amongst home distillers and for good reason. It’s potent, multidimensionally flavored, and reminds us of freshly baked apple pie. While the common version comprises steeping fresh apples and spices in neutral (Everclear), we believe the remarkable taste lies in distilling an apple wash to create a more refined taste. To{…}

Why Is My Moonshine Low Proof (13 Reasons Why)

This article is written for anyone trying to distill at home, but aren’t getting the ABV (or proof) they are expecting. I’ve been there before (many times) and understand just how frustrating it is. We’ve broken it up into two main sections; pot stilling and reflux stilling as there are different factors at play for{…}

The Best Air Still In 2023 (Still Spirits Vs Vevor)

Finding the best air still to meet your needs can be a challenge, especially as a beginner. Between different brands, models, and features, choosing a practical one that’ll carry you for most of your home brewing years can be overwhelming.  But I’ll guide you through the process by comparing two popular air stills–Still Spirits and{…}

How To Make Invert Sugar (Distiller’s Guide)

From improving the texture to prolonging the shelf life of baked goods, inverted sugar truly is a baker’s best secret. But did you know you can use this magical elixir to improve the quality of your spirit? It’s highly fermentable, allowing for a high-proof spirit, and creates a smoother well-rounded drink.  To make:  Now you’re{…}

The 5 Best Online Distilling Courses (In 2023)

Let’s face it, mastering the art of distilling takes time and expertise. And despite being aware of the importance of networking to enhance your competence, you sometimes don’t have the time for on-site learning. While our website has an abundance of free information, it’s hard to know where to start That’s where online distilling courses{…}