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Why Is My Moonshine Low Proof (13 Reasons Why)

Image of diy distilling why is my moonshine low proof how to fix low abv distillate

This article is written for anyone trying to distill at home, but aren’t getting the ABV (or proof) they are expecting. I’ve been there before (many times) and understand just how frustrating it is. We’ve broken it up into two main sections; pot stilling and reflux stilling as there are different factors at play for{…}

The Best Air Still In 2023 (Still Spirits Vs Vevor)

Image of diy distilling the best air still still spririts air still vs vevor

Finding the best air still to meet your needs can be a challenge, especially as a beginner. Between different brands, models, and features, choosing a practical one that’ll carry you for most of your home brewing years can be overwhelming.  But I’ll guide you through the process by comparing two popular air stills–Still Spirits and{…}

How To Make Invert Sugar (Distiller’s Guide)

Image of diy distilling how to make invert sugar step by step guide

From improving the texture to prolonging the shelf life of baked goods, inverted sugar truly is a baker’s best secret. But did you know you can use this magical elixir to improve the quality of your spirit? It’s highly fermentable, allowing for a high-proof spirit, and creates a smoother well-rounded drink.  To make:  Now you’re{…}

The 5 Best Online Distilling Courses (In 2023)

Image of diy distilling the best online course for moonshine online distilling courses

Let’s face it, mastering the art of distilling takes time and expertise. And despite being aware of the importance of networking to enhance your competence, you sometimes don’t have the time for on-site learning. While our website has an abundance of free information, it’s hard to know where to start That’s where online distilling courses{…}

Banana Moonshine Recipe (How To Make Easy Banana Brandy At Home)

Image of diy distilling how to make banana moonshine

Bananas are versatile fruits you can enjoy in various ways. But have you ever considered turning them into delicious and potent liquor? Banana moonshine, also known as banana brandy, is an exciting recipe you can try. It uses minimal ingredients and is simple to make, making it an excellent choice for beginner moonshiners.  This batch{…}

Vevor Still Instructions (A Step-By-Step Guide)

Image of diy distilling vevor still instructions how to use a vevor alcohol distiller

The Vevor still is a fantastic entry-level kit that produces high-quality spirits, making it perfect for novices and those on a budget.  To use:  The still comes in different models, with each requiring a slightly different setup and operation. Carry on reading to get started with yours.  Vevor Still Instructions: A Basic Overview The Vevor{…}

Best Limecello Recipe (We Tested 5 Variations!)

Image of diy distilling the best limecello recipe we tested 5 variations

Looking for a refreshing summer drink that’s easy to make? You’ve come to the right place! Limecello is a delicious variation on the classic Italian liqueur limoncello, and we’ve tested five different variations to bring you the best recipe. From dried lime zest to whole limes, we’ve tried it all, and we’re ready to share{…}

Yellow Label Angel Yeast (A Distiller’s Guide To Angel Leaven)

Image of diy distilling what is yellow label angel yeast and how to use it

Finding a suitable yeast can be a daunting task, as it can make or break a spirit’s flavor profile.  That’s where yellow label Angel yeast comes in.  This unique blend of fungi and enzymes is a popular choice amongst distillers because it has high alcohol tolerance and can produce a smooth spirit that allows other{…}

What is Proof (Alcohol) – Proof vs. Percent Explained!

Image of diy distilling what is proof proof vs abv alcohol explained

As someone who enjoys a good drink from time to time, I’ve always been curious about the term “proof” when it comes to measuring the alcohol content of various spirits. What does it mean? Why is it used instead of a straightforward percentage? In this blog post, we’ll take a deep dive into the history{…}

STC-1000 Controller (Complete Setup Guide)

Image of diy distilling a complete guide to the stc 1000 controller

Home brewing requires attention to detail in every step to achieve the desired flavor and quality of the final product. One of the most critical aspects is temperature control.  Proper temperature control ensures your fermenter maintains the ideal fermentation conditions.  One way to encourage such an environment is to use the STC-1000 controller.  To set{…}