Air Still Pro Review (What’s The Difference)

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The Air Still Pro by Still Spirits is a versatile and convenient option for both novice and experienced distillers.

The key difference between the original Air Still and the Air Still Pro is a reflux mode to make high-proof vodka or neutral spirit. It also has automatic foreshots collection where the first 30ml is collected in a vial to get discarded. It also comes with a gin basket. Unfortunately, the price of the Pro version is $579 whereas the original is much cheaper at $222.

In this review, I’ll explore how the Air Still Pro works, highlight the key differences between the Air Still and Air Still Pro, and discuss the various spirits you can make with it.

Our take on the Air Still Pro

The Air Still Pro is an impressive upgrade to its predecessor, the Air Still. It retains the compact and user-friendly design that made the Air Still popular while introducing new features and capabilities.

Featuring a 2-in-1 distillation system, interchangeable distillation tips, and automatic foreshots collection, it offers a versatile and streamlined distillation process.

How does the new Air Still Pro work?

The model utilizes a multi-purpose condenser and interchangeable distillation tips to enable two modes of operation: pot still and reflux still. In pot still mode, you can distill your spirits at up to 80% ABV (160 proof) before diluting to the desired 40% ABV (80 proof). With reflux mode, you can achieve higher purity by distilling up to 90% ABV (180 proof) before dilution. 

What Is The Difference Between The Air Still And Air Still Pro?

Is it worth upgrading to Air Still Pro? Let’s explore the disparities between the two models.


The Air Still Pro is a higher-end model currently retailing at about $579, while the original model costs $222, reflecting the enhanced features and capabilities it offers. While the Air Still is more budget-friendly, the Air Still Pro’s additional functionalities make it worth the investment.


Both the Air Still and Air Still Pro have a capacity of 4 liters (1 US gallon). But the Air Still Pro provides a slightly higher yield, producing 2.25 liters (2.4 US quarts) of 40% ABV alcohol per 8 liters (2.1 US gallons) of wash. 


The Air Still Pro offers several notable features that set it apart from the initial version. The automatic foreshots collection vial, for example, simplifies the distillation process by automatically capturing and separating the initial 30 ml of distillate, which typically contains undesirable compounds. Also, the Air Still Pro comes with a gin basket, so you don’t have to worry about buying any other equipment separately. 

What Can You Make In The Air Still Pro?

The Air Still Pro opens up a world of possibilities when it comes to crafting spirits. Here’s what you can make in this model. 


With its pot still mode, you can create flavorful whiskey. You can experiment with different grain washes to develop your unique whiskey profile.


Thanks to the reflux mode feature, you can produce clean and neutral vodka with high alcohol content. The precise control over distillation allows you to achieve the desired level of purity and smoothness in your vodka.


Utilizing the pot still mode, you can infuse a variety of botanicals to create your own personalized gin. The model comes with a gin basket, allowing for the extraction of delicate flavors and aromas.

And more!

You can also try your hand at crafting rum, brandy, tequila, and flavored liqueurs. 

What’s in the box:

Here’s a comprehensive list of items included in the box:

  • Air Still Pro Head Unit with a pre-packed reflux column
  • Air Still Pro Boiler and power cable
  • Botanical basket
  • 2x glass foreshots collection vials
  • Easy-swap distillation tips for reflux and pot still modes
  • Distillation tip spanner
  • Starter guide

Where to buy the Air Still Pro

The Air Still Pro can be purchased at various retailers–both specialty stores and online platforms. You can purchase the entire system or if you already own the Air Still, you can opt for the Air Still Pro Head Unit. 

Complete system

This option is ideal if you’re starting from scratch. Home Fermenter, Amazon, Chase the Craft, and Distilling Master are amongst a few stockists of the Air Still Pro.

Head unit only

This is a fantastic option if you want to upgrade your existing Air Still. You can purchase the unit at Grain2Glass, Braumarkt, and Creative Wine Making, to name a few. 

Who Is The Air Still Pro Best For?

The Air Still Pro’s user-friendly design, and automatic foreshots collection make it an excellent choice for newcomers to the world of distilling. It provides an accessible entry point to learn the art of crafting spirits at home. Even seasoned distillers can benefit from the model’s capabilities. Its reflux still mode and switchable distillation tips enable you to experiment with various recipes and achieve desired purity levels without compromising on quality.

Our Final Thoughts

The Air Still Pro is a significant improvement over the initial model. We believe its 2-in-1 distillation system, automatic foreshots collection, and self-cooling reflux column streamline the process while providing high-quality results. Its high price point is a justifiable investment given its advanced functionalities. Also, its ability to operate in both pot still and reflux still modes makes it a valuable tool for producing a wide range of spirits. You can craft whiskey, neutral vodka, or infuse botanicals to make tasty gin. 

The inclusion of the automatic foreshots collection vial is pretty awesome! It simplifies the distilling process and adds another level of safety–especially for the novice still navigating their way around making cuts. The model offers a slightly higher yield compared to the original version, enabling you to produce more spirits from each batch. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How long does it take to distill in the Air Still?

It takes about 10 hours for the Air Still to distill a 4 L (1 US Gal) wash.

Q. Can you make whiskey in the Air Still?

You can make whiskey in the Air Still. Check out this guide on how to use an air still, and then our complete whiskey-making guide here to get you started. You’ll also want to pick the right grains or corn, and a good whiskey yeast.

Q. Can you make gin in an Air Still?

You can make gin in the Air Still Pro. You can purchase a gin basket separately and infuse your botanicals. Or, for a more flexible approach, go for the Air still pro. It comes with a botanical basket, so you only have to worry about buying the botanicals.

Read more: This guide shares exactly how we make gin with the Air Still

Q. What is a reflux still?

A reflux still is a column still. It has an additional condenser–reflux condenser–that allows vapors to cycle up and down the column continuously. This reflux action effectively separates volatile compounds, resulting in a purer more refined neutral spirit. 

Q. How much is the Air Still Pro?

The price of the Air Still Pro varies depending on the retailer, but it starts from $569. 

Q. Can you put wine through an Air Still?

You can put wine through an Air Still. in fact, that’s exactly how you make brandy. I’ve had great success distilling cheap wine and aging it on oak to make an easy DIY brandy.

You can learn more about distilling wine here.

Q. Does an Air Still produce methanol?

An Air Still doesn’t produce any more or less methanol than other still designs. This is because methanol is made during fermentation and is only concentrated during distilling. It’s advisable to discard the initial foreshots (about 30ml to 100ml) which the Air Still Pro will do automatically for you.

Q. How much alcohol do you get from an Air Still?

The Air Still yields about 2 L (2.1 US qt) of 40% ABV alcohol during a spirits run, and approximately 400ml of 40% ABV alcohol from an initial stripping run.

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    Q. How long does it take to distill in the Air Still?
    It takes about 10 hours for the Air Still to distill a 4 L (1 US Gal) wash.

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