What Is Arak? (The 3 Different Types Explained)

You may have heard of this exotic alcoholic drink stemming from Central and Eastern countries? Arak, prounounced ‘a-rack’ is made from various tropical grains or berries which give it its unique flavor and aromas, and it’s readily available on street at markets in somewhat of a legal grey area. Fundamentally, there are three different types{…}

How To Solder Distilling And Brewing Equipment (Guide)

When done right, soldering can be an easy way of binding different metals that make up brewing and distilling equipment. Soldering not only makes it easier to join your still’s pieces, but it allows you the ease of reheating, detaching, and cleaning the pieces when the need arises. There are various solders in the market,{…}

What Is Neutral Spirit (NGS Explained)

When it comes to the distilling industry, there are various ways of achieving the desired level of alcohol content in your gin and vodka. One way of attaining this is through the addition of a neutral spirit. Neutral spirit is odorless and flavorless alcohol. It adds a lot of convenience for spirit producers wanting to{…}

What Is A Sour Mash (For Making Whiskey And Rum)?

Whether or not sour mashing creates a better-tasting drink is a controversial topic. While some distillers opt for the regular mash route because they believe it produces a cleaner and smoother final product, some still enjoy using a sour mash because it balances the pH of the wash and creates consistent flavors for every bottle{…}

How To Make Baijiu (A Step by Step Guide)

Making baijiu is an age-old tradition that’s deeply rooted in shaping Chinese culture. While a lot of people detest the taste of baijiu, there might be other spirit lovers who would love to craft their own bottle or two.  Hopefully, you’re one of those.  Luckily, you can make a good quality baijiu at home using{…}

What Does Baijiu Taste Like? (Explained!) 

One thing that most spirits devourers can tell you about baijiu is that it’s a liquor unlike anything else. It’s commonly known as a pungent drink, but very few people have actually nailed down its exact taste. This is because there are various elements that go into making this well-rounded drink. Factors like the type{…}

Proof vs. ABV (What’s The Difference?)

Alcohol by volume (ABV) and proof are the main indicators of alcohol in a beverage, but the two metrics often get confused. Proof is a term that was commonly used during the 16th century before advanced methods of measuring alcohol content were developed. Today, however, some countries (like the US) still use proof to refer{…}

What Is Baijiu Made From? (Explained!) 

There are various spirits produced worldwide, but the lesser known drink (or slowly gaining popularity) is baijiu. Baijiu is a transparent drink made from grain and it’s notorious for its high potency. The type of grain used does affect the drink’s final taste and aroma. So, in this article, we’ll explain what this spirit is{…}

Still Spirits Turbo Air Still Review (Is It Any Good?)

The Turbo Air Still by Still Spirits is an easy way for beginners to start making your own spirits at home. It’s simple to learn and operate and has no cooling water which makes it easy for anyone to run on their kitchen countertop. You can create many spirits with little knowledge or effort using{…}

How Long Is Gin Aged For (It’s Not What You Think)

Gin is a distilled spirit where botanicals are added to a neutral base sprit (think vodka) and then redistilled to create the final drink. Most of us are familiar with the taste, but aren’t as well versed in the manufacturing process, so how long is gin normally aged for? Unlike whiskey, rum, and tequila, gin{…}